About Us


At Black Mesa Winery we are proud to use only New Mexico grown grapes for our wines. We work with the greatest diversity of grape sources of any winery in the state. Some of our proprietary growers' vineyards only produce a few bins of fruit per year. Our partnerships are with more than a dozen vineyards statewide, from the most Northerly commercial vineyard in Abiquiu, New Mexico, to the "boot heel" outside El Paso in Las Cruces. We contract with New Mexico's finest vineyards for their most coveted fruit. These vineyards are often times the sole source of a chosen varietal and we retain first right of refusal of their exclusive produce.

Most Compelling Wines

Our investment in grapes is significant and includes the hand labor involved in producing both the fruit and the resulting wine. We know you will agree that this labor of love is well worth the effort. We are pleased that you have discovered our wines and believe they are the best wines from an up and coming wine-growing region. We greatly appreciate your support and glowing reviews. For our part, we will continue our commitment to value and uncompromising quality. Thank you for your support.



Black Mesa's wines meet the highest standards for wine, not only for New Mexico, but also on the international stage. Our wines have garnered multiple "Best of Show", "Best in Class" awards, and "Double Gold" and Gold Medals, in international competition. While we can't afford to enter every wine, every year, in each competition, we often choose to enter wines that have not been entered recently; just to be sure that what we make represents the highest quality. We are proud to be the only New Mexico winery to win the prestigious Jefferson Cup (an invitational competition featuring only the top US wineries from over 30 states), a feat we have done not once, but twice!

I am often asked about what my favorite wine is, or what Black Mesa’s signature wine is, our what’s your best wine. My response usually runs along the lines of: “So much would depend on the time of day and my mood. It is important to realize that there is no perfect wine for all occasions, and your own taste is the arbiter of what is ‘best’. Black Mesa strives to provide wines made with passion and commitment. If a wine isn’t exciting, what's  the use? 

Bottled in Velarde, NM

We encourage new plantings of grapes in Northern New Mexico, by hosting USDA grant seminars and offering low cost consulting to foster the enormous potential of our local grape-growing region. As a result, thousands of vines are beginning to bear fruit here in Northern New Mexico. While neighboring states are planted to capacity and boast hundreds of wineries, New Mexico has remained small, with well under 100 wineries. Excess Black Mesa wine production is eagerly awaited by numerous smaller NM labels and wineries looking to add diversity to their portfolios. We do no contract bottling of finished wines at Black Mesa. “Bottled in Velarde, NM BWNM 64”, assures we were involved in blending and finishing that wine before bottling it here. These “second label” bottlings have regularly won medals in competitions, commensurate with our own success.