Our Animal Staff

  • Boo

    Winery Dog, and Winery Cat Herder

    Boo is our only dog, but he might possibly think he's a cat. When you have 10 cats to herd, it gets confusing!

  • Semillion

    Winery Yodler

    Semillion loves to sing the song of his people! He is shy around new people though.

  • Pudge

    Master of Cats

    Pudge is one of 3 cats from the same litter. His mama was a black and white tuxcedo cat. Never saw the daddy. He is the 'Eeyore' of the group. Pudge is the most shy of all the cats, and stays out of sight most of the time.

  • Cabernet

    Lover and Lap Sitter

    Cabernet is Pudge and Gris's brother. The only one in the litter that looks the most like Dad. We assume this because their mother was a black and white tuxedo cat. A very loving and friendly cat, you may see him outside when you visit the winery.

  • Gris

    Boss of Everyone

    Ms. Gris (like in Pinot Gris) is Jerry's princess. She has ice blue eyes and is very friendly - as long as you don't try and pick her up.  She is the boss, even with Boo our winery dog.

  • Fiona

    Official Computer Screen Blocker

    Fiona is our little female Halloween kitty. She knows her way around the winery, but stays away from most visitiors. She will let you pet her in the morning, but not in the evening. She has as most cats do - a mind of her own!

  • Catawba

    Heaviest Cat & Hummingbird Watcher

    Catawba (another wine grape) is our biggest cat. He's pretty friendly, but loves our granddaughter Morgan best.  Morgan was here visiting the summer he was a kitten, and he loves it when she comes to visit. He currently weighs 17 1/2 lbs.!

  • Omama

    Fur Tangle Collector

    Omama is our only cat right now that wasn't born at the winery. She rescued us one everning. She was clearly a feral cat that had just had kittens. (Hense the name Omama.)  We never saw the kittens, but she adopted Parras who was our youngest kitty.

  • Parras

    Jerry and Lynda's Sleep Interrupter

    Parras (means grapevine in Spanish) is pictured here with her adopted Momma "Omama", is the last of our feral kittens. Her real mother Tabby, was finally caught and spayed so she wouldn't give us any more kittens.  Tabby proabably had about 15 litters in a span of 8 or 9 years.