Going Green

Black Mesa Winery is proud to be one of the recent recipients of the the New Mexico Energy Efficiency Awards.

    It's not easy to be "Green", but we here at Black Mesa believe it is worth the extra time and effort  to help ensure the longevity of our planet and all who inhabit our planet.  It's an ongoing process which we seek to improve upon each day.

We recycle our cardboard, glass, plastic, and office paper products.

We have a small, one kilowatt solar array, to help offset a portion of the electricity we consume making wine.  It will be expanded to 3 kilowatts over the next few years.

We use compost on our vines rather than a commercial fertilizer.

Foliar sprays used on the vines are vitamins and minerals, not growth fertilizers. We use iron, magnesium, borax, and zinc as well as other important trace minerals for vine and grape health.

Our drip irrigation system is used to deliver water direct to the vines rather than using a more traditional flood irrigation method. Drip irrigation saves thousands of gallons of ground water each year.

All grape skin and grape seed waste from Crush is composted and spread back on the vineyard or used by neighbors for their gardens.

In cleaning in and around the winery, we use a high pressure steam washer which uses less water than washing with a garden hose.  Citric acid (found in most fruits) is the main chemical we use for sanitation.  All winery waste water and rain run-off is captured and re-used for irrigation purposes.