Our Staff

  • Karl Johnsen

    Karl learned about wine as an exchange student in Europe three decades ago, visiting vineyards and wineries in Austria, Italy, Germany and France. He grew up in a brewery town (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), and to this day recalls the aromas wafting from the Red Star Yeast factory. He also lived and worked in the Napa Valley before moving to New Mexico, and has taken wine chemistry and viticulture classes at Napa Valley College and UC Davis. He is one of fewer than 150 people internationally to pass the Advanced Wine Sensory Exam at UCD, qualifying him to judge wine at the California State Fair, one of the longest-running and most prestigious wine competitions in the Western US.

    Email: karlwine@hotmail.com
  • Craig Dunn

    Assistant Winemaker and Taos Tasting Room Staff

    Craig Dunn is a veteran sommelier who for many years managed a Wine Spectator "Best of the Award of Excellence" - winning wine cellar for a restaurant in Taos.  He has also worked the "crush" at several wineries in Oregon, and even grows Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes in a two-story greenhouse attached to his home.  Ask him about the miniature wine barrels in his wine cellar!  Craig loves sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for wine with experienced and novice wine drinkers alike, and is conducting our new series of wine education events in Taos. When he's not helping to make Black Mesa wine at the winery in Velarde, you'll find him managing the Taos tasting room.

    Email: craig@blackmesawinery.com
  • Laurie Mitchell Dunn

    Taos Tasting Room

    Laurie Mitchell Dunn (wife of our assistant winemaker, Craig Dunn) spent many years in corporate finance before relocating to Taos several years ago.  Having had the opportunity to drink fine wines from every part of the world during her business travels in the U.S. and overseas, she's now having fun learning about how wine is made and delighting customers at the Taos tasting room by introducing them to Black Mesa's excellent wines.  Laurie also books the talented musicians who play weekly live music in Taos. Her real title, as she will proudly tell you, is "Wine Geek in Training".

    Email: laurie@blackmesawinery.com
  • Jane Ervin

    Web Site/Wine Club

    Jane is 2nd from right. Jane was working for Gary and Connie when we purchased Black Mesa, so she's been at the winery longer than Jerry and Lynda! 

    Email: jane@blackmesawinery.com
  • Margie Ceballes

    Shipping and Wine Club Manager

    Margie is the shipping and wine club manager extraordinaire. Once in awhile we even let her work outside with the flowers, which she loves to do. The gorgeous summer flowers on the Taos tasting room's patio and parking lot are Margie's handiwork also. 

    Email: margie@blackmesawinery.com
  • Susan Meredith

    Accountant and Weaver extraordinaire

    Susan came to New Mexico in 1999 and worked as a production weaver for her first 7 years here. In 2006 she went back to school and earned a Master's degreee in Accounting. She has helped a number of clients since her grad school days and was happy to join the team at BMW in January 2013. Susan continues to weave and is currently working on a project weaving and manufacturing men's neckties inspired by ties that were woven in New Mexico from the 1930s through the 1980s.

    Email: accounting@blackmesawinery.com
  • Anne Delling

    Taos Tasting Room Staff

    Anne is a server in our Taos Tasting Room. She has lived in Taos since 2002, pursuing a variety of creative paths. While operating a local fine, custom furniture company, she was also working as a senior graphic designer in the gaming industry. Currently, in her spare time, she is a certified MnemeTherapist, helping individuals with various cognitive difficulties. Anne is enjoying learning about wine and sharing that knowledge with customers. She feels blessed to have started her wine education with such a fantastic winery.

    Email: anne@blackmesawinery.com
  • Murphy Griffiths

    Wine Specialist

    Murphy works in the Velarde tasting room. Always ready to laugh and enjoy wine. 

  • Scott Downs

    Wine Specialist

    Scott loves white water and wine, in that order. It is a good thing the tasting room is next to the river!

  • Nate Patrus

    Wine Specialist

    Nate attained a Master's degree in 1997 and moved to New Mexico to start a non-profit theater. Nate has worked in the fine dining industry over the last dozen years and has a love for great wine! 

  • Isabel Alford

    Taos Tasting Room Staff
  • Tracy Rice

    Taos Tasting Room Staff
    Tracy just relocated to Taos from Southern Oregon where she owned and operated a custom wine tour business for several years. In addition to a love of wine, she enjoys anything outdoors.
  • Lucy Woodall

    Tasting Room Staff

    Lucy is an associate designer in Santa Fe and is working at the winery on the weekends. Lucy adds lots of smiles and cheer to the tasting room.

  • Sola


    Sola is the offical greeter of the BMW tasting room!