A Winemaker's Perspective: 

What makes Black Mesa Wines so unique?

Commitment to Quality

First and foremost is our commitment to quality. We spare no expense in creating the finest product to the utmost of our abilities. We take the time to carefully handcraft each small batch. Our bottlings run in the 30-60 case range, with a large bottling being 100-120 cases. This allows attention to detail, versus mechanized mass production. As winemaker at Black Mesa, I have never been encouraged to cut corners. If we are not passionate about a release, we won’t bottle it!
Throughout our 20+ years, we have insisted on using only the finest New Mexico grapes, carefully nurturing them through the fermentation process with the utmost care, again using more traditional than technological means. One example would be pigeage, a hand-punching-down of the cap of grape skins that are driven to the surface of individual red wine fermentations. We punch down two or three times daily for each small lot for all our red wine production yielding the gentlest extraction of color and flavor, creating wines of exceptional finesse and elegance. This time-honored technique is rare in the wine world today, typically only found in luxury bottlings, often costing well over a hundred dollars per bottle.

-Winemaker, Karl Johnsen


 Karl Johnsen Winemaker with Jerry Burd Owner